Stars and Stabbers *&†

Code: Zed Yago/K2
Sound: rambones
Font: Commodore Business Machines
Editor: joe
Assembler: k2asm/K2
Linker: c64link/K2
Packer: exomizer

For maximum Pleasure, use a real C64 with new (8580) SID.

Compo: Codex alpe Adria 2006
Stars and Stabbers reached 3rd Place
The first 2 Entries are Wild Contributions, 4+5th Place Amiga Demos, 6th Place PC Demo

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WARNING! This download is the fixed + emuprotected Version, IT DOES NOT RUN WITH VICE,CCS or any other Emulator.
Grab the party-version (without emuprotection, but does not run properly on old kernal C64s) from pouet