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The first Color Computer for the Masses.
Features 5KB of RAM, drug-induced Colors and 4 Channel Hard Sound
¡ Ya lo se ! Demo for the unexpanded VC20
« Voyage sans Fin » 1st @ Breakpoint2003 C64 4K
~ Flut ~ Ben: "I can't help it: I like this dry, grainy style"
Stars and Stabbers *&† Leaved 2xAmiga,1xPC in North-Italy
Endless Trip Ι First K2 Release Ever, runs also on NTSC
Habemos Demo † Inspiration by Ratzinger, gfx by giZmo/fr
Ν Neon lost against "Aua aua das tut weh" @ bp
Bl‰d, Sweat & Code 1st @ Primary Star 2004
× jamaik2 × last @ Primary Star 2005
… nova 70% music by fanta/+H
For the rest, look at csdb
C65 Demo yes, it runs on a C65 (has been tested on 3 C65s so far)
K2 are
b0rje grid howkey lucatoni mig tiger[ds] yago